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Lots to say

Wow.  Had a little problem with the computer this weekend and I had some things I wanted to say.  So after fixing the issue, I decided to blog it all…

This weekend was pretty good.  My good friend S came down from Roanoke to cheer me up and spend some girl time.  We had pizza and talked, swam in the hotel pool and talked, watched ‘the Bucket List’, cried and talked and then we went to church on Sunday where Pastor Kerry did a wonderful service about ‘waiting’.  I really need that this week as I am still waiting on a job decision.  Anyhoooooooo – I really enjoyed my time with S and I am bleesed to have her as my friend for almost 16 years.  She is beautiful.

After she left on Sunday, I made my way over to my Dad’s for dinner AGAIN… he is such a good cook and he always tries to cook a birthday dinner for whomever it is that is celebrating in the month.  This month it is my little bubby (he’s is older than me but younger than my oldest (big bubby) brother..  I’m the baby (can you tell) – anyway Happy Day to you crazywayne…..I loves ya….

and last but not least I miss my baby – she is still in PA visiting family and has informed me that she is not coming home until school starts.  I don’t know if I can hold on that long…….someone else misses her too……..

That is all.


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Well I was off to a good start on this blogging thing and then I don’t know what happened.  I can’t seem to think of anything to talk about.  And for me that is something of a miracle, I can always talk about something.  I am still looking for work.  I am waiting on one company to make a decision – I hope in my favor.  At this point in time, it doesn’t even have to be a great job just pay the bills including my mortgage.  But that’s another story for another time.  I’ve been looking at my calendar and it seems that June really is the month for brides.  Every weekend there has been a wedding reminder on the Saturdays.  I haven’t been able to make them all but I wish all the couples a very happy future together.  This past Saturday, my niece got married in my front yard.  It turned out really well. 

Here she is with her parents, my brother and his former wife.

Her mother will get married this coming Saturday to her new beau.  They make a good couple and she deserves much happiness. 

Poor baby, she just couldn’t make it all the way thru the ceremony. 

I have many more pics but I am too lazy to upload them and I don’t want to bore you all on a Tuesday. 

memespeaks over and out

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This is my crew.  My hubby and my daughter are in PA visiting grammy Dee.  My son is the typical teenager and does not have time for Mom.  So I have been a little lonely this past week.  I will see them soon though as I make my way up to PA for a family wedding.  I’ve missed them more than I thought I would so I can’t wait to go.  I’ll post pictures when I get back home. 

Memespeaks over and out.

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Soaring to New Heights

What is it? An astronaut training camp? Hmmm could be. But no, it is rocket day at Bancroft Bible Camp. I had the privelege today to help out at the camp where my brother Jeff is the director. I vacuumed the pool, ripped paper tabs and dried dishes. They served a great lunch of chicken and salad and I had a wonderful day. I also got to watch the kids launch their rockets. Some of them went really high. I’m gonna go back.

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