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July 11

Happy Birthday to my Sweet sweet Daddy.  83 years young today.  We enjoyed a great picnic dinner at my brother Jeff’s – hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill make me a happy woman. 

I had the privilege last night of joining friends from EHS classes 82 – 85 at the Meadowview Conference Center in Kingsport – a great time was had by all.

Kim Smith – aka Hank Williams – singing ‘ All my Rowdy Friends’ 

Myra the bestest Hostess and Brian getting ready to say the Blessing.

The class of 1983 – we call this Brian’s Angels – he loved it.


There was plenty of 80’s music and dancing and great fun was had by all.  Hopefully, we will get to do this again soon.  And more REBELS will show up.

Good night all


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Happy Birthday America!   and Happy fourth to all.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.  I have been celebrating with family – last night was race night.  We took my son to Bull’s Gap speedway, dirt track – do I need to say more.  Not a good night for him but he had fun and now his dad knows what needs to be done.  Here are some pics….. ENJOY

Yes Unca Mitch – I’ll get ‘er done! 

 As soon as we get in the Pit Gate

See Mom, my car is CLEAN.

 Hurry up Dad, we gotta go racing.


Still waiting

Start Your Engines

Hot Lap 1

Hot Lap 2

 Pushed back up the hill, the starter’s broken.

Dirty Car, Broken Car

Au revoir!

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